We are a wife/husband (Angie / Bill) team whose passion lies in helping people communicate their vision to the world through the magic of WordPress.  Will Smith once said “He’s the DJ, I’m the rapper.”  In that vein, she’s the coder and I’m the content guy.*

The Novelization:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, my wife dragged me to a WordPress meet-up.  She was a full-time SEO/Dev, but I was mainly ‘the husband’.  I knew what WordPress was- I’m not that big of a noob- but I didn’t really know what it was.  Over the next couple of years, we attended several WordCamps, and Angie helped organize the original Northeast Ohio WordCamps in North Canton (before moving up to co-lead org for WordCamp Northeast Ohio and, this year, WordCamp Kent).  What I learned over that time is that WordPress is really two things:  First, it is a world-class, flexible content management system- one that allows anyone to have a voice.  Second, and just as important, it is a community.  That community welcomed us with open arms, even though I was only peripherally involved with WordPress and my wife was still pretending to be an introvert.  We have met so many truly fantastic people from the WordPress community that to merely call them friends seems an understatement.

Years later, we found ourselves having a bit of a crises moment:  You can get a site built anywhere on almost any budget.  Why should someone choose us?  The answer was in the question:  Why?  Why do we want to build websites for people?

Our passion is helping people communicate their vision to the rest of the world.  Anyone can install WordPress, select a theme for you, change the colors, and send you an invoice.  We want to do something completely different- we want to partner with you- to share in your vision- and to bring it to the largest possible audience- the venerable ‘world wide web’.

Thus, Berg.Press was born.  It is the sum of the Bergmanns and WordPress- both the technology and the community.

*I keep telling her she’d better start studying the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, because I’m catching up on the code side =)